Meet Our Program Manager,
Melynna Hakim

Originally from Durango, Mexico, I lived in Wisconsin for the majority of my life. I relocated to Chicago to pursue my undergraduate degree in Finance and Accountancy, with a minor in Philosophy at DePaul University. I stay true to my roots and advance the Latino community by increasing accessibility to education through outreach.

I developed educational and outreach programs to bridge the language gap in political grassroots organizations and local nonprofits based in Wisconsin. As a McQwoun scholar and Hispanic Outreach Specialist at Geneva Lake Astrophysics + STEAM, I created bilingual astronomy materials in Spanish to use in star parties and international workshops. In addition, I participated in creating and deploying light pollution sensors surrounding Lake Geneva to increase awareness on the dangers of light pollution. Presentations, telescope observation nights with community members, and telescope research were all used to inform the Latino community about astronomy and related environmental issues.

Growing up, my parents instilled in my younger sister and me, a love for knowledge and fine arts. My love for classical music began in my mom’s stomach when she played discs of timeless musical pieces, that by full circle I learned to play on a viola, and eventually listened to at the Chicago Symphony Orchestra. My love for the fine arts continues to pour out to the Latino community as I sit on the Latino Alliance’s Advisory Board at the CSO so that one day “growing up I went to the CSO” can be a Chicago tradition regardless of socioeconomic status.

As program manager, I hope to continue helping emerging leaders to be empowered through leadership and community service. It’s an honor to be part of a team that loves to lead through service and mentorship to the youth.

“When you learn, teach, when you get, give”
by Maya Angelou.