Meet Our Inspirational Founder & CEO Jacque Stefanic

I'm a Chicago native with a unique upbringing, straddling the Southside and West-city suburbs, navigating between different races and economic classes. This experience has taught me the value of bridging divides and fostering diverse communities where people of all backgrounds unite.

Founding Serving People with a Mission (SPM) has been a deeply rewarding journey. Despite the challenges, our team of volunteer leaders is dedicated to serving others and nurturing our communities. At SPM, our focus on leadership, professionalism, and environmental justice has yielded tangible impacts on those we care for deeply—our community members.

The genesis of SPM arose from the profound impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, accelerated by the dedication of three college students who recognized the urgent need for action. We aimed to establish a sustainable resource, both in assets and knowledge, accessible to all members of our community.

In my current role as a Job Developer at City Colleges of Chicago and various board positions within community organizations, I continue to serve as a resource for others and advocate for community growth. If you're intrigued by SPM's mission, I urge you to reach out, donate, and get involved!

Previous experiences include roles at Centers For New Horizons, Loyola University Chicago, Teach For America, and various community engagement initiatives.

"Service and Sacrifice"