Meet Chief Environmental Justice Officer & Chief Communications Officer Sofia Aranda

I am a native Chicagoan who was born and raised in the South Side. When I was younger, I struggled with school, getting bad report cards sent home, and it was hard for me to make friends.

As I got older, I slowly got more comfortable with socialization. It wasn’t until I had made a friend before the last day of school, that they offered me a job. That was when I realized the importance of networking and how essential it is when it comes to succeeding. If I had stayed the quiet person I was, this bio would not exist. This is something I had to learn and experience to help teach others.

Joining SPM will allow me to be the network and provide others with tools to increase their opportunities for success. To build a strong lasting community, we must never stop building positive relationships, and keep seeing the new things we can bring to the table.

Aside from making a strong community, I hope to bring more attention to environmental issues in our communities to create a cleaner and healthier community.