What is Serving People with a Mission

Serving People with a Mission is a Chicago-based collective of dedicated servant leaders united by a common goal: driving positive and innovative change within our community. We focus on three key areas: transforming the education sector, advocating for environmental justice at the local level, and fostering connections among diverse groups of people, cultures, and organizations. Through targeted initiatives, we strive to create a more equitable and sustainable future for Chicago, making a lasting impact on society by addressing these critical areas.

Our mission

Serving People with a Mission seeks to provide people from all walks of life with the tools to become servant leaders in their communities; and for these same leaders to go into their communities and give back through service.

SPM believes that walking hand-n-hand for and with others will truly contribute to the development of our future servant leaders.

Our vision

We act as a liaison between our participants and the organizations we have partnered with by exposing them to community service opportunities. Our end goal is to provide our participants with the right tools to serve their communities and be successful in their education or the workforce.

Our Team

Serving People with a Mission's driving force lies in its team of Chicago-based community servant leaders. These individuals bring a unique blend of professional expertise and the invaluable depth of their personal-lived experiences. This synergy fuels innovative solutions and drives positive change within our community. This powerful intersection fosters collective strength, propelling us to excel in our mission of bettering lives and promoting inclusive growth within Chicago.

Jacque Stefanic
Co-Founder / CEO
Carlos Martinez
Co-Founder / COO
Casandra Torres
Chief Programs Officer
Sofia Aranda
Chief Environmental Officer
Ervin Szot
Chief Financial Officer
Melynna Hakim
Program Manager
William Garcia
Environmental Manager

Our Board of Directors

Judith M. Dominguez-Ramirez

Board of Directors, Executive Chair

Karen Fleshman

Board of Directors, Programs Committee Chair

Angel Rubi Navarijo

Board of Directors, Development Committee Chair

Osmar Cruz

Board of Directors, Finance Committee Chair

Jacque Stefanic

Board of Directors, Executive Committee